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Excellent news for Peru, Candente Copper (DNT.to) is leaving

Why does the Canadian mining industry cause so much political and social unrest abroad? Why is it never the fault of the company? Why do they always seem to blame it on the locals? Don’t ever come back to Peru Joey, you’ve ruined enough lives already with your total lack of respect for anyone who doesn’t look or think like you. In Cañaris, there will always be a large group of humans who spit on the ground every time they hear your name. Forever.


    You can only spin your wheels for so long……..

    Garbage Bear Head in the clouds 27/05/21 3:57 pm

    Lol – copper canyon. MASSIVE pivot


    Hey Otto. I got news for you. The hearing was yesterday. He tried to pull his usual tricks but the judge denied his BS play. He will try to file an injunction to delay the inevitable. Next month is the new owner’s turn. Drop me a line if you want more.


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