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Excellon (EXN.to): On the subject of dead miners…

…beats me why Excellon Resources (EXN.to) hasn’t told the English speaking world about the two miners it managed to kill at its Platosa mine yesterday Thursday, January 9th. Certainly hope they weren’t thinking about delaying any news release to the market until late Friday evening, or not releasing a note at all.
For what it’s worth, the event which left two dead (Evaristo Nava Soto and Jorge Carrillo Rivera) and three seriously injured happened due to electrocution while they were servicing a pump underground.

UPDATE: Oh goody, EXN has decided to tell everyone. It took an hour from the appearance of this post to the appearance of corporate responsibility, though absolutely no phone calls to IR departments hurried this NR along, of course. Oh no no no no no.

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