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False forgery

Too much death and Peru these last two days. Here’s a story to leaven the load translated from here.

Buenos Aires: A courtroom in Buenios Aires dismissed a case of distribution of forged money because the copied money was so “clumsy and bastard” that it could not fool anybody, according to judicial sources.

Carmelo Ribles not only missed out on a prison sentence but also it was instructed that the trial “should not affect the good name and honour which he previously enjoyed” according to the decision of the Federal Chamber of Appeal, quoted by state newswire Télam.

In April 2005, Ribles tries to pay for purchases with a false 100 Argentine Peso bill (U$26.50) and with another false 50 US dollar bill, but failed both times due to the ‘clumsiness’ of the falsification.

The false money has been made with a common computer printer on papers of differing qualities and without the security measures of authentic bills, according to those at the tribunal.

Therefore, the judges considered there had not been a crime because the falsifications were “clearly bastardized, clumsy and incapable of passing inadverted by the common person, thus totally rejecting the possibility of being swindled.”

“The action of falsification is the imitation a precise model so that the false object created has the appearance of being genuine, thus it must have a great similarity to (the original), which excludes cases in which the false money is so ridiculous that it cannot be accepted by the common person”, said the tribunal.

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