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FARC, Correa and a video

This youtube video is the talk of Colombia and Ecuador this evening and comes from this report.

What it seems to show is the FARC leader ‘Mono Jojoy’ talking to his troops just after the death of Tirofijo Marulanda, but the explosive information it holds is the part where Jojoy clearly says that the FARC contributed funds for the presidential election campaign of Rafael Correa.

There are no English subtitles and the Spanish is not super-clear so it’s really only for those proficient in the language right now, but I’ve played over the key part several times (minute 3:10 onwards of the 4.14 youtube) and although we don’t get the context of the sentence from the moment before Jojoy takes his drink, he clearly says:

“…y ayuda en dolares a la campaña de Correa y posteriores conversaciones con sus emisarios…”

…which translates as;

“…and help in dollars for the Correa campaign and subsequent conversations with his representatives….”

So, here we go with the next scandal, folks. They are never too far in the future down this way.

UPDATE: Ecuador’s Interior Minister Miguel Carvajal is reported here as saying:

“We have to verify if the video is real and not a fake. If it is real, the FARC will need to be asked the names of the people they gave money to, because neither the País Movement (Correa’s party) or the government has asked for or received money from the FARC.”

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