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Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill

Your humble scribe ran this recording on his twatter last night and now it’s time to note it here at IKN as well. It seems the northern milquetoast pardoners of explicit violence against Rafael Correa, all the hangwringing academics that try their best to follow S.Am affairs from up North and just end up looking teh stoopid every time, will finally have to admit that Ecuador’s September 30th happenings that centred around the country’s police force in Quito weren’t just a call for social justice, or a protest gone wrong. As we pointed out on the blog last week it was clearly a coup attempt.
M’lud, we offer evidence. This link is to a recording of police radios that day and captures the ill and violent intent of the coupmongers all too clearly. In Spanish of course, you can either take my word for things or get your own translation done but amongst the choice phrases used by the police who fired tear gas canisters at their President and managed to shoot dead one of the military personnal that was shielding Correa as he left the hospital under fire in the late evening are the following:

“Kill Correa” 
“The man doesn’t get out today”
“Kill them, fill them with lead, shoot them”
“Kill Correa and finish with this protest”
“Shoot the son of a bitch Correa” 
“The man doesn’t leave unless a stiff”
“Cut the power” 
“Don’t let the bastard leave”

There are dozens more on the 27 minute recording, help youself to a few facts and find out for yourself. 
It was an attempted coup. Sez me, sez Correa, sez all the Presidents of the region who signed the Unasur declaration from the right (Santos, Piñera) to the centre (García) to the left (Morales, Chávez) and all points in between. It’s your choice to believe the bullshit CNN would like you to believe but me I like the truth, not gringospin lies.

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