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Felix Salmon versus Barry Ritholtz on gold is now officially ‘a thing’

Salmon is basically baiting Ritholtz with his “ten reasons why Barry is a dumbass about gold” note this weekend (slow news week, Felix?) but aside from the Click Me! Click Me! Business Insider/Buzzfeed philosophy now pervading the high traffic blogstars, it’s okay as a note I suppose. He makes a couple of good points, others that are just he-sez-she-sez and then others there to fill out the count of ten, probably.
It’s a rare New York financial type indeed that has more than the usual superficial grasp of what gold is, financially speaking at least. Salmon doesn’t get the stuff, neither does Ritholtz. Gold mining stocks, now that’s another thing entirely and two guys, one with oodles of nous about the bonds market (Salmon) and another who trades equities for a living and by all accounts does it well (Ritholtz) could bring some insight to a debate. But gold bullion, not so much.
Still, might make for a decent slapfight between two well read biz bloggers.

UPDATE: This made me laugh.

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