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FIFA World football ranking: The Americas

The final world ranking numbers for 2010 have just been published by world governing body FIFA and because we only love LatAm round here and know for a fact that the top three teams, Spain (1), The Netherlands (2) and Germany (3) were just plain lucky in 2010 and show very little footballing skill*, let’s check on how The Americas stand in the world pile. In this list, we’re cutting off at the first 100 teams in the world, so countries like Belize, Guyana or Barbados don’t show.

World Ranking In The Americas Country FIFA points total
4 1 Brazil 1446
5 2 Argentina 1338
7 3 Uruguay 1152
15 4 Chile 950
18 5 USA 867
24 6 Paraguay 832
27 7 Mexico 795
48 8 Colombia 558
53 9 Ecuador 535
58 10 Jamaica 522
59 11 Honduras 516
60 12 Venezuela 515
62 13 Cuba 512
64 14 Panama 501
68 15 Peru 486
69 16 Costa Rica 467
84 17 Canada 411
89 18 Trin&Tob 373
90 19 Haiti 367
94 20 Granada 349
97 21 Bolivia 344
Top is Brazil with Argentina on their heels and nobody’s really going to argue with that. Then comes the World Cup’s biggest and best surprise package, Uruguay, fully deserving its place then excellent team that Mercelo Bielsa put together for Chile who have played attractive stuff all year, not just in the South Africa main event. Also worthy of applause is the USA team that’s developing very well. Perhaps not the flair and style of others, but great team ethic, an emphasis on fair play and a team taken serious by all world opponents these days.
As for the underachievers, Mexico in 7th is the first one that catches the eye. There’s plenty of money and skill in the Mexican league these days but the national team continues to disappoint its population. Next, you have to wonder how Peru feels, stuck beneath the likes of Cuba and Panama. Finally, Bolivia in 21st place and 97th in the world should feel the shame of being the worst ranked team in the South American qualifying league, the continent most nuts about football (ok, soccer if you like) there is.

*yes it’s a joke, no need to send stuffy comments

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