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Fight Night: News of B2Gold’s (BTG) (BTO.to) The Clive and TD Sec’s Daniel Earle

Unconfirmed though decently sourced. Now confirmed.
Clive Johnson, CEO of B2Gold (BTO.to) (BTG) and Daniel Earle, sell side analyst at TD Sec, got into a fistfight last night and according to reports picked up at IKN Nerve Centre, The Clive came off second best and today has a black eye and a pair of broken glasses for his troubles.
Red wine was a third party in the fracas.
No news on Daniel Earle’s employment status. Yet.

UPDATE: Your author reaches out to Daniel Earle for his version of the events, but bizarrely and strangely…

UPDATE 2: The morning after, some extra information.

UPDATE 3: How it all happened.

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