untune that string and hark

Fighting back against Covid19 quackery and fake news


Medical quackery promising miracle
cures or complete protection from Covid-19 is on the increase. An example here
in Peru
at the moment is a “Youtube Doctor” (term used as loosely as possible) whose
video telling people to gargle with salt water to protect against Covid-19 has
gone…well, it’s gone viral. His scam is simple, of course. If 100,000 people
follow his advice, even in a bad case country the total infected will be in a
minority and in Peru
is likely to be a large minority. He then has 95,000 devoted followers, or
88,000, or whatever number the things he pretended to fight eventually offer
are not just annoying at times like these but outright dangerous, I
believe it a duty to stand up against its purveyors. And if I were a
flag-waving militant, I might say that it’s the duty of all those who want to
pull together and help their respective regions, states and countries through
the surge phase of Covid-19 to make this stand.


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