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Financially, things are now moving fast

Here’s a segment from The IKN Weekly of last Sunday evening*, underline/bold added:

We know the Fed will cut (EDIT: has
cut). We know that Central Banks around the world will do the same. We know
that the financial powers of the major countries all agree on Whatever It
Takes. That liquidity drop is coming very soon and will likely match the
amounts doled out in 2008, though its distribution is set to be different and
spread more evenly over the planet, not merely confined to the major financial
institutions. Why so? For just one example, take a trip three or six months
into the future and consider the social protests that would begin if people
began to get their water/electricity/gas/whatever cut off because of
non-payment. Or if they were evicted due to non-payment of rent or mortgage.
People, that is not going to happen, what is far more likely is that cheap
credit, generated in the next days by the world’s financial governors, making
it right down the line. Deferring utility payments is cheap credit. Not
allowing evictions for X period of time is also cheap credit. Food banks are
cheap credit and we may even see some sort of direct offer, governments
offering cash loans at attractive rates and easy payment terms.
There you have
a couple of possible scenarios and while I’m not going to guess exactly right
on the manifestation, the point is that life after Covid-19 is going to be
different and you better get used to that idea right now.
Here’s a news article from today:
Mnuchin: ‘We’re Looking At Sending Checks To Americans Immediately’
At least financially, the Trump team gets it. On the social angle, we shall see how things are in two weeks’ time and wishing them the best of fortune. 
*The edit due to the final draft being finished Sunday midday, a few hours later and before publication, the Fed cut

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