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Fireweed Zinc (FWZ.v) and that moment when…

…you realize you should have kept growing the stupid joke beard and not reported the drill holes:

That’s Fireweed Zinc (FWZ.v), failing in expected style. Also, the clue about its target metal is in the corporate title, which is why we compare its progress to that of the spot price for the metal. What Brandon MacDonald now hopefully realizes is that lucky beards are not a valid investment thesis. You can’t even beat out the metal you want to mine, Brandon, then you give us the lucky voodoo show, now you think people still take you seriously. Keep up the Carnival Barker act Brandon, it’s so junior mining.


    But the twitter mob loves him?! Stock can only go up.


    Maybe they should call it Dickweed?


    Great write up – thank you for sharing. A good reminder to sell on the hype not the news.


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