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Five stocks in a target-rich environment, one month on

On March 18th we ran the post “Five stocks in a target-rich environment“, which featured five new stock ideas for our rapidly changing world. With one month now between us and that post, we can at least say the “target-rich environment” call was a good one, what with GDXJ up a handy 7.7% in the period. So with no macro excuse for not picking winners, let’s see how the five IKN picks are getting on so far:

  • The “new story” Meridian Mining (MNO.to) was 88c on March 18th, it’s now 97c and up 10.2%
  • The “producer spec trade” Superior Gold (SGI.v) was 95c on March 18th, it’s now $1.14 and up 20.0%
  • The “PM exploreco coming to fruition” Newcore Gold (NCAU.v) was 51c on March 18th, it’s now 50c and down 2.0%
  • The “Future Facing junior” Electra Battery Minerals (ELBM.v) was a split-adjusted $5.31 on March 18th, it’s now $6.30 and up 18.6%
  • The “copper junior I don’t own and perhaps should” Western Copper & Gold (WRN.to) was $2.41 on March 18th, it’s now $2.97 and up 23.2%

We suggest haters obsess on the way NCAU is treading water to date. Otto sucks.


    I’m happy about ELBM. There was of course much doom n gloom talk about the reverse split from the “all RS’s are bad” camp, but it all seems to be working out well. And hopefully will stay that way when they get to the NASDAQ soon.


      Agreed, the Nasdaq is the right market for this story. When it’s doing 10x the Dot Vee volume over there, Canadians may realize what was staring at them in the face in Q1.


    Excellent work with these names sir. Regarding Newcore – I like it a lot.

    Just wanted to bring an AIM (LSE) listed name Cora Gold to your attention. It is a smaller resource (for now) but the project is marching towards DFS completion, with big insider ownership and financial backing. The reason why I mention it is because it’s very similar to Newcore’s, although it’s in Mali


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