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For a cheap loan, call 1-800-BHARTI

That’s what Peter Tagliamonte of Belo Sun did. Note 6 is by far the best bit of BSX’s 1q22 financial filings, out this evening:

April 2018 was the time when Agnico (AEM) finally worked out they had no reason to be doing business in that most risky of jurisdictions, Bhartistan. It was also the time the loving and caring management at BSX kindly loaned the loving and caring management at BSX a wad of cash to buy their own shares, all priced at 33.5c.

Hey, I wonder why the recent waterfall drop in the BSX share price managed to floor at 34c? Any clues, anyone?


    Thank you for getting me out of this piece of poopy in 2020. Excuse my language.


    So many links from this company to Troilus Gold which Don Durrett at GoldStockData somehow has a Top Pick! I’ve always wondered if he’s getting paid to promote some of these scheisse companies.

    Tim A defunct engineering firm from Sudbury. 19/05/22 3:37 pm

    Ah Stan. I don’t feel so old anymore knowing Stan is still up to his best. Even saw his name come up wrt to K92. Loved it when Stan moved into the high tech industry. For a year or so. Like everything else he does.


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