Take physic, pomp

For some reason…

…Sarah Palin today decided to delete a whole bunch of messages from her twitter account. However, in the 21st century world of interwebnetpipes the screengrabs of her thoughts are still available, such as this one:

Y’know, when a politician’s first reaction to a horrific and tragic incident, one that she will doubtless say had absolutely nothing to do with her soon enough, is to scramble around erasing her own words and images, there’s something really and deeply fucked up going on.
Before going I’d like to make something clear. Apart from one person, I don’t care who you guys up there have for President any longer. Black, white, rich, poor, man, woman, Rep, Dem, the degrees of difference between them all on the things that really matter are minimal (though you’d hardly notice it from where you’re looking, it’s much easier from afar). If you want Romney, Clinton, Bloomberg, another Bush or anyone else from your limited spectrum of politics next time, that’s ok by me and you won’t hear me moaning. But not Palin. She’s not only a limited intellect but a liar, a vindicative petty-minded snake-oil salesperson, belligerent and dangerous not only to you but to the rest of us. I hope that’s clear enough.

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