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For the final time: There is no silver squeeze

There was the chance of a silver squeeze for about two days on the original WallStreetBets thrust, but it passed quickly when the WSB people saw the truth behind the silverbug stories. Everything else, particularly all the recent “break silver” rollover stupidity, is pure fabrication. A financial fantasy sold to you by idiots and schemers who separate the naive from their money so if you fell for it, do not fall for their deceit and lies again. They simply do not know how the futures market works and as a result, are bound to lose money.


    Mark, unless you understand that there are 2 silver prices you cannot make educated investment decisions on silver. You have a physical price and future price. The physical world is paying no attention to paper (future) price. Please tell me where I can buy 1 ounce silver coins for the comex silver price today with a reasonable handling markup and I will buy 10 of them for your missionary friend.


      Such ignorance. And when will you understand that by starting with your own straw man instead of reality means you are stuck in a fantasy, a work of imagination akin to QAnon?

    Joe Philadelpia, US 26/02/21 6:14 am

    The price of all physical silver is now substantially over spot on all product including 1,000 bars. Does this mean that you are wrong? Not yet, but in another month or two if this continues you will be. If physical silver demand subsides I will be wrong. We will see. GLTA

    Joe Philadelphia, US 26/02/21 6:16 am

    Mark instead of calling me names. Why don’t you just take me up on my offer and prove me wrong. I can paypal you the cost of the coins today.


    Otto do you have any personal references on how the futures market works/functions. Hoping for insights you have gathered.


      I run a weekly that derives 100% of it revenue from subscriber fees. I take no money from mining companies as “sponsorship” (bribe), there is no other side-hustle. If i don’t call the market well the letter goes out of business, QED. That letter, The IKN Weekly, has gone out every Sunday for 12 years, non-stop and has more subscribers now than ever.

      Yes, I understand the futures market. Now, ask your question to the Pied Pipers who led idiots up the garden path on PSLV. If you silver losers want to vent frustration here, go ahead, but you should be asking the people who cost you money.


    It is nice to know that stupid people in large groups were too intelligent to invest in silver!


    Have you read the work of David Jensen P.Eng., LL.B., MBA, he is a Professional Engineer with a degree in Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Canada..


    I think he has a point, and it won’t be the first nor second time he is proven right.


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