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Fortunately, not Venezuela

If the following had happened in Venezuela you’d have heard about it, y’see. Mary BatShit O’Grady, Jackson Diehl, that dumbass Oppenheimer, man they’d be queuing up to patiently explain about the instituationalized corruption, the pervasive drug money running the show and how the President of the country is totally to blame. But no, fortunately for the morons that pass as LatAm commentators in English MSM, the following happened in Peru and not Venezuela. And we know that Peru is the bright new horizon of wonderfullness so there’s no criticizing allowed.

Last week, the acting President of the Ancash region (northern Peru, run by drug mafia, über corrupt, self-serving politicos), a certain José Luis Sánchez Milla, was murdered in a somewhat confusing episode when his car was attacked and he was shot dead. Some people say it was a political assassination, others a robbery that went wrong.

So last night, the person chosen to replace the dead governor, Ezequiel Nolasco Campos, was relaxing at home when three people dressed as police officers burst in, shot him five times (he’s in a serious condition in hospital right now) and also killed his 24 year old son in the firefight.

But like I say, it’s Peru so this will only get reported in reactionary blogs by people you fools think lefty. No matter that Peru’s cocaine trade is now overtaking Colombia’s as the world’s biggest, there can’t possibly be corruption due to that, either. Just keep blaming Venezuela for everything, dumbasses. So move along now..nothing to see here…

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