full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing

Frank Giustra to sing Patsy Cline while wearing ladies’ underwear in downtown Vancouver

Or he will at least if he’s good as his word.

In this report from the Globe & Mail dated April 30th 20th 2013, Frank Giustra is so adamant that the gold bull market will continue that he’s quoted as follows:

“If I am wrong, if this gold bull market is over, I will stand in the centre of Robson Square and I will sing Patsy Cline’s So Wrong wearing ladies’ underwear,” Mr. Giustra said in an interview this week.

IKN therefore brings out the evidence. This chart shows the percentage performance of gold bullion (using the GLD ETF as proxy) versus the broad markets (using the S&P 500 index as proxy) in the period April 30th (date of that report) to today:

Time to get dressed and dance, Frank. Are you man enough to keep your word?

IKN thanks reader ‘TH’ for the headsup.

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