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Free for you: Today’s Trend & Value Report from Lucas

The Trend and Value Letter is the service run by Lucas of the same-named blog. It’s an impressive daily service that gets sent straight to your mailbox five days a week. The price is also way too cheap for the frequency and quality of analysis on offer (remember, this is the guy who called the S&P bottom to within two points months before it happened). As well as the indices, Lucas is particularly strong on currencies and precious metals having previously been a precious metals broker before moving to independent analysis services.

Therefore it’s with great pleasure (and prior permission) that IKN offers today’s Trend&Value letter as a sample of Lucas’s wares. Just click here to download your copy and find out how just how good the guy is at this analysis game. And while reading this free sample of today’s report (really, it’s today’s dated April 9th and everything) reflect that the monthly fee for this letter is just U$28, which means the typical production of 20 letters per month will cost you just U$1.40 a copy (for more details on that, check Lucas’s blog on this link and mail him).

So I hope you check out the free copy on the above link (and just to make sure it’s on this link too). And by way of disclosure, I get no commission or anything of the sort if you decide that Lucas’s letter is for you and sign on for a trial month. All I want to do is to make you aware of the excellent service that’s on offer. Thank you for your attention.

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