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Freedom (an in-house post)

“Waddya mean you don’t like my make-up?”

Regular readers might have noticed a couple of changes at the site. Gone are the adverts for Fortuna Silver (FVI.v), and if you click on the Vena Resources (VEM.to) banner and read the update underneath, you’ll note that the company is not a site sponsor any longer. All this capped off with the move to a larger block of Adsense at the top of the page (as an ongoing experiment). For the last time, I want to state clearly that I’m a firm believer in the future prospects of both FVI.v and VEM.to. I just don’t take their advertising money any longer.

All this because IKN has wanted to be for some time and is now 100% independent of any featured paying sponsor. And now it is. The site has just kept on growing in the last few months and has reached a point where I’ve had to think carefully about what should be done. The first step is a move away from advertising that-or-this company and leaving myself open to accusations of bias that couldn’t be addressed properly. I’ve had to wait until now to honour the previous deals. Expect further changes (hopefully for the better) in the next few weeks. Feedback appreciated as always, esp. from my marketing friends that jump all over me for any minor change that pops up (you know who you are).

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