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FRG: Gary, you nailed the sucker

I’ve been telling you Gary at biiwii is good at what he does for how long now? A year and a bit, ever since this humble corner of cyberspace began, probably. So look at this chart he published on his free access blog May 4th 2009 (i.e. last Monday) about Fronteer (FRG) (FRG.to):
(click to enlarge)

And here we are 7 days later with FRG at U$3.18 on strong volume. It’s already up 20% in a week and looks on the way to Gary’s U$3.50 short-term target. I can also tell you, as one of the people who gets his NFTRH newsletter delivered each week, that the quality of info in his (rather inexpensive) paid service is even better than the stuff on his blog. Here’s the link to find out more about his newsletter. Highly recommended*.

UPDATE: Gary’s added a new post on FRG this morning; again, good advice on offer.

*and no, I’m not on any sort of commission. I just like recommending quality services.

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