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Fronteer (FRG) (FRG.to): A new NOBS report available

I mentioned in passing yesterday that there’s a new $10 report available and was pleasantly surprised at the reaction, with 12 of you taking me up on the offer. So consider this post as a second, more blatant and final offer so that others might step up to the plate, get a copy of the report and make a giant stride towards owning a winning investment.

Order your copy of this bespoke report and you’ll get to see why I like the company and why it’s trading at a real bargain price right now. You get a breakdown of its financials, its operative background, all relevant facts and plenty of ‘no BS’ opinion, too. You also get a solid price target with a timeline. All you need to do is send U$10 to my PayPal account, which is…..

otto.rock1 (AT) gmail (DOT) com
…..and I’ll send you your copy back by return. As mentioned before, U$10 is less than the price you pay for commission on a trade. It’s a small price to pay to get wise on a quality mining company and in my considered opinion there’s plenty of profit to be made by investing in FRG for those who take the current pricing levels, as the current risk/reward equation is very favourable indeed. To make things easier, here’s a pre-set button you can use to put your order in. Via PayPal you can use all the usual credit cards, too. It’s a quick, simple and totally safe transaction.

Disclosure: I recently went long FRG at U$2.25 and added at U$2.10, though it’s not a big position…yet. However, apart from the recently taken long position I have no affiliation with FRG or anyone connected with it. In other words, I’m doing my independent thing as always.

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