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FruityRumPunch update

You thought I was joking in this post about Presidential downtime in Brazil this week? Here’s Chile’s Michelle Bachelet taking a late afternoon dip yesterday, accompanied by her director of programming and good friend María Angélica Alvarez.

Of course in Chile this has set off the chattering classes and some kind of debate about “Presidential image”, which kinda underscores just how anally retentive the Chileans can be at times. The girl’s having a swim…big deal. And she may not sport a top model’s silhouette but she’s been doing her job right recently. This time last year her approval rating was in the mid 40s but the latest poll gave her 56.8%.

So you go girl….but please don’t suggest to Twobreakfasts that a media-witnessed dip in the sea might be good for his image, too. Ugh.

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