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FT Tilt

Today is launchday for FT Tilt, a new service from the Financial Times aimed at covering Emerging Markets. It’s set up like a blog, has a dozen staff and is important enough to have been reviewed by econoblog royalty like Felix Salmon over at Reuters (and others like Kedrosky, but we don’t care about him), with Salmon’s call on the site “a blog with a paywall”, which might just turn out to be unfair (see below).
IKN recommends that readers click through, check out the site (it looks great and the article filtering system is smart) and sign on for the free trial of its Pro Level. Sadly that will become a pay service after a while (I dunno how long) but the other bits on the site stay free, so your effort won’t be in vain if you don’t want to shell out.
But paysite or freesite, Tilt will thrive or fail on the quality of information available there and so far your author has been quietly impressed (for example I learned something today about Brazil’s Sov Wealth Fund that I didn’t know and what’s more it fits right in with something expected from the new Dilma gov’t). And even though Tilt is set up to cover all the world’s EMs and not just your author’s beloved region, anything that betters the quality of information in the English language about this corner of the world’s Emerging Markets should be welcomed with cheers and fanfares. We hope FT Tilt works, we hope IKN readers join and make use of it, we hope people get to understand Latin America and other EMs a little more because of it. Here’s the link to Tilt again, go use it.

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