Take physic, pomp

Fujimori found guilty

‘El Chino’ not enjoying his day in court today

Like I said, no surprises today.

Here’s Reuters

Here’s AP

Plenty more links at Google News if you want to read the same thing 100 times.

UPDATE: I’m actually getting some e-mail feedback about the Fujimori sentencing. For the two mails saying “tell more”, you really are better checking the newswires. The link to Google News up there will keep auto-updating. For reader PF who asked “…. how long is Fujimori going to get in jail?”, the answer is likely 35 years. There are 247 separate rulings and verdicts to get through (it could take all day), but one of the main verdicts was mentioned almost at once by the judges. Fujimori was found guilty of being the brains behind the ‘La Colina’ massacre. This is a crime against the state and the mandatory sentence for that crime alone is 35 years.

UPDATE 2: Reuters is running this useful little Factbox report that crunches the Fujimori years into an easily digestible timeline. A good place to learn the basics.

UPDATE 3: Rather strange, but no complaints either. The court has just handed Fujimori 25 years in prison (not 35 as the supposedly mandatory sentence indicated). Long enough for sure. On this link you can find the full 20 chapter court ruling. What better way to practice your Spanish?

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