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Further to last week’s HIVE post: Paging Peter Schweizer

We note that the new Frank Giustra pump job, HIVE Blockchain Technology (HIVE.v), is off and running and being pumped by just about anyone in the whole sordid game this morning. Frank’s spread the love of those 1c and 3c pieces of paper far and wide, so right now you’re getting Keith Neumeyer’s poodle Daniel Ameduri pumping the thing, as well as Frank Holmes, NIA, CEO.ca of course…it’s the whole nine yards.
This is of course the company we featured in the post last week to illustrate just how the sharks rip off the retail saps. But IKN’s interest goes way beyond the share price performance of HIVE.v this morning (up at 90c already, I see…that puts $3m minimum into Tommy H’s back pocket) and to the seedier parts of Vancouver. Therefore IKN calls upon ace sleuth Peter Schweizer to do the following:
  • Go to Haywood
  • Visit the desk of the Medallion holder doing the HIVE/Leeta transfers.
  • Make absolutely sure that both counterparties signed the paperwork before it was rubber stamped.
You’d do the Canadian capital markets a great favour if you did. It would be great if you got there before the Canadian market authorities did, too…scoops and all that. Have a nice day.

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