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Galt’s Gulch Chile news

While reading in a fascinated and enrapt manner on how Jeff Berwick and the people who ‘invested’ (term used loosely) in the Libertarian paradise in the making, Galt’s Gulch Chile, have been taken to the cleaners by a U.S real estate wideboy and scamster, it occurred to your humble scribe that ripping off Libertarians is in fact the perfect scam. After all these are the people who want no rules, no laws and no government to run and whine to if things go wrong…it’s all fair in the frictionless world of market forces, right guys? So if you’re both a true Libertarian and stupid enough to be ripped off like this (which I’d also guess is a combo you find quite regularly) you just blame yourself and move on, leaving your hard-earned cash in somebody else’s pocket. This must be why Doug Casey loves them so.
Anyway, go read the story of how Galt’s Gulch turned into a Randian dystopian nightmare of moneyloss and tears right here.

UPDATE: IKN Nerve Centre™ is enjoying your Twitter comments already:

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