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Garibaldi Resources (GGI.v): Ye shall know them by their fruits

We note with interest that after 99 days of complete radio silence, Garibaldi Resources (GGI.v) put out a NR on Friday evening. It headed on some non-urgent fluff about accelerating claim option buyouts, but the lede was buried:
Meanwhile, Garibaldi eagerly anticipates providing shareholders with an
exploration update including initial assay results from the ongoing 2018
program during the week of September 17 .
Therefore, GGI has chosen Beaver Creek week to roll out its drill assays. Fair enough. Therefore, despite the over-hype around this company, its band of True Believers, the way it has thrown sequins in eyes of retail, the flashy core photos presented with precious little context, despite the mushroom politics of 2018, despite the delays, we (and include me in) should give the company a fair hearing in the days to come. They’re going to give us drill assays and that’s solid. Therefore, once you’ve worked your way through the potentially breathless prose, their promises of jam tomorrow, perhaps more sets of flashy photos as well, LOOK AT THE DRILL RESULTS and on what they offer.
All parties looking on, from total skeptics to the truest of the true believers, should give GGI.v a fair crack at the whip this week. On the assay numbers at least, because the rest is just noise.

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