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Gary Biiwii, gold and good business sense

Anyone who’s a regular at Gary Biiwii’s blog would have noticed a pair of related posts there last couple of days. First up was this message:

A guy who years ago was highly influential in my education about the gold sector used to call Sinclair ‘Foghorn Leghorn’, or in the words of Henery Hawk a ‘loud-mouthed schnook’. As in ‘Foghorn Leghorn is crowing again, time to take cover’. Thus illustrates the main reason I am on his email list. A stellar contrary indicator. Mish checks in with his not so polite view this morning: Countdown to Dollar Implosion Madness From day one I have wanted this blog to be a place free of hype. Way more people want to have their perceptions reinforced than challenged. Hype is pervasive, and the gold sector is one of its most active breeding grounds.

Then yesterday, this one went up.

Post something critical of the gold bug supreme commander and watch the blog un-subscriptions come rolling in. Can’t be good for the newsletter business either, can it? Well, that’s showbiz. There are plenty of blogs out there to suit your needs.

Not being in it for the short term, and not being the most polished person in the world, I’ll just continue on as is. Get me or don’t get me. It’s what makes a market. And you know, everything is useful. You may find it useful that some jerk blogger is not on board the ‘go gold!’ express. I may find it useful to know just how many people are.

Now you can say all you like about Sinclair (hell, I’ve done my share on that score) but you have to admire the canny business sense of Gary Biiwii all the more after this episode. For one thing, those that appreciate Gary’s most excellent subscription letter (I for one get it every week and recommend it without hesitation as highest quality intellectual fare) are likely to be free-thinking individuals and not the sheep that a charlatan such as Sinclair is looking to shear sans pareil. But more importantly, getting rid of the blind, unquestioning Sinclair-lovers from his roster by what they perceive as an insult (but in fact is clearly nothing of the sort…more like throwing them a life-vest) also means he’s getting rid of stock market losers and concentrating success and wealth around him. That can only be good in the longer-term.

Clever dude that Gary.

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