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Geoff Ramsey and Pan-American Post on changes in the USA’s drugs policy

This post by Geoff Ramsey in Pan American Post today underscores just why this site should be a compulsory part of any LatAm watcher’s reading material. It starts like this…

While a recent statement by top U.S. State Department drug official William Brownfield has been largely overlooked, it could have huge implications for the future of drug policy in the hemisphere.

…takes in this line after quoting Brownfield extensively…

It may not seem like much, but this is a massive change.  Just two years ago, the United States bitterly fought against Bolivia’s attempts to abandon the 1961Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs and rejoin it with a reservation allowing coca cultivation for traditional uses. Now, Brownfield seems to be advocating the exact same approach to the Single Convention, allowing countries greater autonomy and flexibility in their interpretation of it.

…and you’re strongly recommended to click through and read the rest. Excellent analysis, today’s must-read.

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