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Get your coffee on with an Ebitbrah mug

Here’s how it happened. Yesterday I get this mail out the blue, let’s go with the initials “GD”, who asked me to take a look at his new website small business. He explained that it started not long ago, sells mugs for your coffee/tea/etc and all with a financials sector angle. I went over, had a look and he’d clearly done a nice job (way better website than clunky old 1.0 IKN here, for example).
So I asked him for more details. GD tells me he’s a young guy just starting off in the capital markets profession (he has a job in a company in the industry) and put together this idea to earn some extra cash, as start-up salaries are tight and he needs to make ends meet. That I thought was very cool. GD went on to say he’s sold about 500 units so far, which means the idea is working and the logistics are sorted out, too. We get to the point: He asked me whether I could help get the word out about his business in exchange for some sort of deal, e.g. 10% of sales generated by IKN. That was also appreciated, but it’s not necessary and I’d much rather do this for free (FWIW we came to a final loose agreement that if I manage to get him a bunch of sales GD would send me a freebie mug, that’s something I can accept happily enough but there’s no way I’m encroaching on his biz here). Therefore, we roll out the IKN approved blurb and here we go:
It’s called Ebitbrah (that’s the link) and when you click through this is what welcomes you:

You then get to scroll down, start checking the merchandise (or “merch” as you cool young people say) and as there are 31 different designs, you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy. Here are three to give you an idea.
This one is called “The Miner”:
This is “The Musk”:
Here’s “The Canadian”:
All those and more, of course. So go and have a look yourself, maybe buy one (they do cheap shipping) or two. Or several. For you, for your friends, for your enemies, for the boss, for the guy or girl you have a glad eye for in the office. Ebitbrah, a fun start-up run by a young go-getter. IKN applauds the initiative of GD and hopes lots of you buy lots of cool mugs.
IKN will keep a link to Ebitbrah over there on the right from now on.

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