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Getting Defensive

And thus the world shivers and trembles in the face of Venezuela arms deals, with some dudette called Clinton saying:

“We have expressed concerned about the number of Venezuelan arms purchases. They outpace all other countries in South America and certainly raise questions as to whether there is going to be an arms race in the region.”

Sorry? What was that? Let’s see what our friend the owl says about that “outpace all other countries in South America” thing, shall we?

Yeah, thought he’d say that. Here’s a chart that shows the really real numbers, not the BS taint that the USA pretends is reality.

But that’s not really the whole story. Brazil is a big place and has 198m people on board (according to the CIA Factbook at least), so what we really need is some context. Here’s the same grouping of countries, but this time the chart shows spend per capita on defence.
Hmmmmmm…gonna tell Hillary about Chile and Colombia? But to make it fair, defence isn’t just about defending people, it’s also about defending your territory. Here’s how South American defence spending per square kilometre of country racks up:

And Venezuela is the problem? Yeah yeah yeah…..

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