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Gilberto Zapata Castañeda is one interesting dude

This November 2012 report from Mexico’s ‘Diario NTR’ newspaper has a fascinating article featuring the mining businessman Gilberto Zapata Castañeda. Allow me to translate the first few paragraphs:
Martín Bernardo Sutti Courtade is Stripped of his Mining Companies

As he usually did on a weekday, Martín Bernardo Sutti Courtade, geologist and mining businessman, took his granddaughter to school after making her breakfast.

He returned to his house briefly and then went to his office, located at Paseo de Bernárdez 59 in the exclusive residential zone in Guadalupe.

It was March 27th 2012. Around 11:30am Gilberto Zapata Castañeda arrived, who he had known for around ten years as he had mentored him and employed him as manager of several of his companies.

He had built Zapata new offices and also covered his university fees for a Master’s degree in the university of Texas, however he claims that the USA company Sterling Manning paid but even so Martín Sutti was that company’s Mexican representative. He also paid for his internship trips to China and Japan.

Zapata told him there were two people in the underground car park of the building where the 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee owned by Sutti was parked. Sutti was thinking of selling the vehicle and Zapata asked him to go down with him and show the Jeep to the potential buyers.

Suddenly, one of the two men jumped on him, covered his mouth and put wadding with ether into his nostrils. They blindfolded and handcuffed Sutti then threw him against the vehicle.”
The report then goes on to explain how when Sutti came round he was in the process of being interned in a clinic against his will. Then while he was out of circulation, board meetings were called that accused Sutti of being an alcoholic and stripped him of his companies (to the benefit of Zapata and his own associates), how Sutti brought criminal charges against Zapata and others, but then how a little while later Sutti died in that same clinic bed. And wouldn’t you know, these days Gilberto Zapata Castañeda is a close associate of Allan Barry Laboucan in his Mexico scams.
But I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable and logical explanation for that.

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