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Glencore (GLEN.L) (GLNCY), beating up old ladies in Cusco Peru

A pleasant story out of South Peru this week. On Tuesday April 3rd a contingent of Peruvian police officers under the direct pay of Glencore (GLEN.L) (GLNCY) and employees from its Antapaccay mine showed up at the homes of the small community of Alto Huarca with heavy machinery (bulldozers etc) in an attempt to force the local residents off their land. 
Locals tell it how it is:
  • The GLEN Antapaccay mine is currently in an expansion phase on the North side of its pit wall.
  • The mine has decided it needs new access road that cross the land owned by families in the Alto Huarca community.
  • Recently, representatives of the company been “bothering (them) day and night” to get the community to sell them their land. They tell them that they can either accept the U$200 (two hundred dollars) that they are offering, if not the case will be taken up by the government, they will get their land confiscated and receive nothing.
  • Locals have refused point blank and have not heeded the threats used, either.
  • So on Tuesday a gang of eight GLEN employees showed up with heavy machinery, with police officers paid by the company, in order to force them out and bulldoze their properties etc. When the locals resisted, they were pushed, kicked and verbally abused.
And you may think the victims of this violence were a bunch of swarthy farmers, too. Not so:

GLEN.L is into beating up little old ladies. Those photos from the report. Nice.
Fortunately the locals knew how to get a lawyer on the scene quickly, phoned him and once he showed up the Glencore thugs and police backed off and left the scene. Alto Huarca’s community is the rightful owner of the land in question to this day, it remains to be seen what dirty trick GLEN.L next uses to change that.

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