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Glenn Chan does mining CEOs

A nice thinkpiece from Glenn Chan today, entitled “Figuring out the skill of mining CEOs”. There’s plenty of meat on this bone so go over and have a read for yourself. I’m not 100% on board with some of the argument, but here’s one bit I agreed with:

“Some CEOs like Nolan Watson do not have formal (or informal) training in mine exploration or mine engineering.  Despite the lack of mining expertise, they do not hire mining professionals onto their staff.  These are the people who make really dumb investments.  So far, every single Nolan Watson investment in Sandstorm Metals and Energy has turned out to be a disaster.  Likewise, institutional investors generally have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to valuing mining assets.  They are also the fish at the poker table.  Usually these people are easy to spot because it is easy to get biographical information on the people involved (e.g. what did these people study in university, did they ever work as an explorationist or mine engineer, etc.).”

Whole thing linked here.

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