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Global Mining Observer does Minera IRL (IRL.to) (MIRL.L)

You have to see the report that Alex Williams has put together on Minera IRL (MIRL.L) (IRL.to) in which he interviews both Diego Benavides and Robin Fryer. It’s available to subscribers right now (it’s a 100% free and zero cost subscription, link here to subscribe).
And here’s a special IKN message to Robin Fryer. In my considered opinion you’ve just criminally defamed Diego Benavides under UK libel laws, because that’s what happens when you tell direct and provable lies against another person. I hope you have a good lawyer, because the UK is not the place you want to lose a case like this. As for the “rights issue” thing, that just shows exactly what Team Hodges plans to do if it wins the proxy battle, i.e. dilute current shareholders to kingdom come. As they say down this way, “pez por la boca muere“.

UPDATE: Here’s the direct link to the Global Mining Observer piece on Minera IRL.

UPDATE 2: I’ve double re-read it and my stars, GMO’s piece is just wonderful and the best thing I’ve read on the whole IRL saga to date. Not only is it packed with information, but the prose is a pleasure to read too. Make it your must-read of the day.

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