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GMIN compromising from the start

This desk is surprised to learn that G Mining Ventures (GMIN) has decided to ignore its own corporate strategy and buy Tocantinzinho from Eldorado. Let’s check the purchase against GMIN’s own criteria:

GMIN has stated it intends to purchase 2 to 3 assets and get at least one of them operating within two years. Presumably, that will be the second asset they purchase, because this desk would lay $1,000 against a plate of fejoada that Tocantinzinho continues to be a financial black hole. Way back when, one of the first pieces of mining advice I ever received was “Avoid The Tapajos”. True then, true now and true in the future but that doesn’t matter to GMIN, these specially created A-Lister mining teams get years of good grace before the eventual failure. Remember TMAC.

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    Sailfish recently split up and sold their royalty on this property to Osisko and Metalla. Wonder where they’ll invest next. Couldn’t possibly be Nicaragua?


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