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Go home Fraser Institute, you’re drunk

On learning that the 2020 Fraser Institute Annual Survey of Mining Companies (out Feb 23rd, as usual just before PDAC) rates Colombia as a better mining jurisdiction than Chile, I just laughed. This Fraser Institute has always been suspect in its LatAm coverage, its 2020 report drops it into the dumb bin of shame and rejection.

No matter the political ruckus in Chile in 2019, no matter the new Constitution, no matter Covid-19 and no matter what government takes over from Piñera at the end of this year, Chile is and will remain the best place to go mining in LatAm by a nautical mile, period. The Fraser Institute is already a joke if it thinks otherwise, but placing Colombia above it is the veritable cherry on the proverbial cake of stupid. Like I said, I just laughed, there’s nothing else left to do.


    It’s based on a survey. It’s not the opinion of the Fraser institute itself, but of the mining people surveyed.

    Colombia must have better PR people than Chile.


    Equador, Argentina, Columbia and if election are any indication, then Peru is going bad too. Only Chile will protect it’s economic prosperity.

    There will be a social cost in Chile which they are just beginning to address, but Canada today is not the same as 10 years ago. It will take time to learn how to share.

    The real problems may be between Chiles strong inefficient union labour force and the indigenous and local communities.


    They are dividing the issue of policy towards mining from the geological attractivenes.

    So for example, if you look at the policy perception index, Chile is much much higher, colombia very low.


    I really like the way you go in depth in your newsletter about Lat. America elections, and how the changing election landscape will affect mining in the region. It looks like most are turning left and becoming less mining friendly.


    I have always taken the Fraser Institute’s findings with a kilogram of salt. It’s entirely based on a survey of mining executives, many who fill it out based only of their perceptions of a country which comes from the news and gossip they are exposed to. The Fraser Institute does not conduct any of their own analysis and relies entirely on the opinions of the participants. I always find it interesting, but far from definitive. The Colombia ranking is just one example.


      Spot on. As seen this year, all it takes to rig a survey is a badly designed question or two, plus a bunch of disaffected CEOs with chips on their shoulders.

      The reasons they voted down Chile are minor compared to the mess in other countries, but they are spoiled there.


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