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Gold and cocaine and Peru and USJD and funstuff

Here’s a US justice dept NR headline dated today, October 10th:

“Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Seizure Of Over $31 Million In
Connection With An International Drug Trafficking And Money Laundering

And here’s a bit of the NR with the name Sanchez-Paredes in it:
“…today announced the seizure of over $31 million from nine bank accounts
in the United States, which are alleged to have been connected to an
international money laundering scheme run by a drug trafficking
organization operated by members of the Sanchez-Paredes family (the
“Sanchez-Paredes DTO”), a family that Peruvian law enforcement
authorities have been investigating since the early 1980s.”
And here’s a bit about the San Simon gold mine:
 “For example, the Sanchez-Paredes DTO owns two mining companies, CIA
Minera Aurifera Santa Rosa SA (“Comarsa”), and CIA Minera San Simon
(“San Simon”), which purport to be in the business of mining gold, but
are believed to be in the business of producing cocaine. In March 2007,
Peruvian authorities seized approximately 125 tons of calcium oxide, a
chemical used to both mine gold and produce cocaine, that were later
identified as having been purchased by Comarsa and San Simon. Comarsa’s
mining records show that on numerous occasions, the amount of calcium
oxide it used did not correspond with the amounts needed to process
gold. This suggests that Comarsa is not actually involved in the
business of mining gold, but rather in the business of producing
My thanks to JR for the headsup.

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