Take physic, pomp

Gold daily chart

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I am burdened with a memory. Back in the 1990’s, wherever I was living at the time (four countries were in play in the period) I’d get home the end of a day and switch on CNN to watch Lou Dobbs on Moneyline (that period he did good work before he got all mouthy and anti things). At the time I personally nicknamed him “Lou AndTheNasdaqRoseBy Dobbs” because it seemed that phrase would come forth from his mouth nine out of ten programs.

So I look at that gold chart above and there’s just a twinge of anxiety about what happening right now. Be clear I’m not calling any tops or ends of bull runs myself, it’s more like displaying a bit of my own wall of worry, that phemonenom all longs suffer as they stay long through a bull run. DYODD, dudette. DYODD, dude.

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