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Gold Fields (GFI) and Pan American Silver (PAAS) (PAA.to): One thing in common, one thing different

One Thing In Common
Both Gold Fields (GFI) and Pan American Silver (PAA.to) (PAAS) have plenty of mine worker deaths on their track records. Here’s the latest from GFI, meanwhile the 14 deaths suffered by the PAAS workforce in Peru since 2006 (in many and varied accidents) are noted here.
One Thing Different
Gold Fields shuts down its operations to investigate the deaths on its shifts. Meanwhile PAAS  clearly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the people it employs and just keeps the machine rolling, never closing down to investigate its long track record of negligence. 
The mining company I’d prefer in my portfolio is the one that at least tries to make an effort on its accident rate. The company I reject out of hand is the twisting bullshitters who hide the multiple deaths behind award gongs received in other countries from other mines. Ross Beaty, do you really give a damn? Is it all just for show and the money? C’mon dude, explain why so many people have died at your mines one time, willyaz?

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