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Gold Hawk (CGK.v) releases good news

Check out the latest press release at this link from Gold Hawk Resources (CGK.v). The company is definitely on the way back here and for the first time in months I’m happy to say that it’s clearly worth more than its present share price of 3c…imho at least.

Of course it’s still high risk (it’s a three cents stock, let’s not be silly) but there’s now light at the end of the tunnel and, most importantly, movement towards the light. The new resource calculation is good because with the numbers involved (e.g. rock worth $200 on a $80 ceiling cash cost) the comapny will be able to sit down with people and say “lend us the money we need to get going and we all make a profit”.

Best of luck to all at CGK.v; great to see some good guys catching a break and winning through for a change.

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