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Gold: RBC isn’t beating about the bush

Ray Hanson and Javed Mirza of RBC have made it pretty clear where they stand about gold mining stocks this week in their PDF report that you can download right here. Here’s how the script begins, with guaranteed warm-fuzzy feelings for any gold investor that needs their hand held.
To be clear from the outset: we are not recommending that you buy large-cap golds and sell the small-caps. We are saying to own them all!
Gold has been in a major bull market for several years now. Some believe that the recent runup from $1250 to $1425 is the last inhale of a bubble that is about to burst. We disagree. In fact, we would make the case that gold is destined to become the greatest “bubble” of all time, and that the parabolic curve of its price track is still in its infancy.

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