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Gold Reserve (GRZ) and Rusoro (RML.v): If memory serves…..

…today’s the day we find out if Gold Reserve’s attempt to block the Rusoro hostile take over via the courtroom gets a judgment. My head might still be full of sand and saltwater, though (well, beer really).

GRZ has continued its defensive PRs, it seems. Y’know, for a company that was trumpeting about how few people had tendered by the first deadline GRZ seems to be protesting rather a lot, methinks. Also, from what Otto is picking up from his NYC contacts RML.v is likely to get a lot more love from larger holders if any court decision goes its way.

I’m still holding my few GRZs here and FWIW they are UNCH since purchase. The only reason to like GRZ now is the possible buyout, though. If it’s blocked the PPS will sink quickly.

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