Take physic, pomp

Gold (this week’s coveted award)

Way way back many moons ago (well, in 2005 in fact) when I took my position in gold and silver bullion, the move was met with derision by, let’s say, “people I knew at the time”. Verbal shots were made, tin foil hat jokes cracked and I was even laughed at to my face on one occasion.

I’m not a goldbug and I will never be a goldbug. What I am is long gold and if you don’t understand the difference you need to read more and talk less. Today’s post isn’t going down that street, but it is directed at that bunch of self-appointed experts who told me I was wasting my time and my productive capital by tying it up in the relic. I’ve been meaning to write this quick little ditty for a while so today’s market action has brought up a topical opportunity. You idiot, knownothing fools laden with worthless qualifications and self-important manners have had this coming for a long, long time (and you know who you are, too). Don’t bother to mail me; just enjoy, dumbasses:

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