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Goldcorp $GG New Gold $NGD and the El Morro judgment in Chile

Just about everyone in the mining space would have heard by now the Chile Supreme Court judgement that has stopped the El Morro mine (70% GG, 30% NGD) from being developed, but not so many will bother to read just why the call went against the people developing the $3.9Bn project and for the people living around the location. So here’s the indigenous peoples’ lawyer to explain a little more with three excerpts from the linked report, right here for your eyes:
The lawyer said that the judgement did nothing else but re-establish rights, in particular that held by indigenous people to be consulted on projects of this scope, thereby annulling the environmental and community impact studies previously submitted. 
“The courts of justice are protecting the right of indigenous peoples to be consulted”, he said. 
The lawyer went on to say that that Goldcorp is a company that has absolute disrespect for indigenous rights. “This transnational company doesn’t do the same in its country of origin (Canada), but here it assumes the right to violate indigenous rights in Chile and that is not acceptable.” 
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Or to pot it into one paragraph for your consideration, GG and NGD tried to push throughits project without doing things the right way, because it knew that if it did all the correct consulting of indigenous they’d push back and demand conditions that would be more expensive. So they ingored all that and decided to cut corners, at which point the locals fought back and now, the whole things has blown up in the face of the comapny, bigtime. So you can now expect the company to deny any fault and blame those pecky locals again, because that exactly what complete assholes do.

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