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GoldMining (GOLD.to) is now the world’s most obvious mining company short

They must have drunk the Kool-Aid deeply at Amir Adnani’s GoldMining (GOLD.to), to the point where they’ve even managed to convince themselves their assets are worth more than zero. It’s the only possible explanation for this moment of high hubris:

VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 1, 2020 /CNW/ – GoldMining Inc. (the “Company” or “GoldMining”) (TSX: GOLD) (OTCQX: GLDLF) is pleased to announce that its common shares (the “Common Shares”) have been approved for listing and trading on the NYSE American. The Company expects that its Common Shares will commence trading at market open on the NYSE American on October 6, 2020 under the symbol “GLDG” and will be delisted from the OTCQX.

The next IKN house prediction is so simple, it hardly seems fair you can actually make money by doing this: The moment Wall St. takes a good look at the contents of this company, it will make the recent NYSE scrum to short Excellon (EXN) look like an orderly line of socially distanced Swiss waiting at their stop for the 08:07am bus. GOLD.to will crash and burn in a way rarely seen in mining, because Canadians aren’t usually dumb enough to let people who understand financials trade their companies this easily. This NR is tantamount to corporate suicide and the most stupid executive decision made by a junior mining company this year.


    Have you seen UEC trade in the NYSE American for the last 10 years? That trading history is a good argument against your short thesis.


    […] published the obvious on October 1st in the post “GoldMining (GOLD.to) is now the world’s most obvious mining company short“, however and to this desk’s surpised, it’s taken until 2021 before Wall St. […]


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