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Goldshore Resources (GSHR.v): At some point the paid pumpers will be right

And maybe it’s today!

The clue was in the share structure. And the RTO. And the people brought in. And noting the sheer quantity of social media pumpers ramming papers down retail throats. From the start, GSHR was the easiest of passes and a fine reminder of how dumb the average Canadian C-suite is about marketing. But hey, cynical me and you never know, this could indeed be the bottom and the pumpers on the payroll get their “winning trade” in normal, time-honoured style:


    Got some harsh responses when I “bashed” this one

    Project been around forever, Wesdome sold it, no papers for the 2020 PEA, no discount rates or capex in the presentation, drilling +400m deep needlessly, twin holes, 30-50% true widths of decent-grade intervals


    Don’t own this and likely will not. Brett Richards, the CEO is quoted in the PR as saying they have raised “$50 million” to date for the project. But the MCAP today, even with the bump, is $48 million. So they have created zero equity value for the $50 million raised and spent. Even the last financing is already under water. Ugly, indeed.


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