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Good news about Kai Hoffmann

Since IKN pointed out how fat and slobbish he’d become a few months ago, Kai has apparently got his act together. Here’s his latest video…

…and here’s a still:

Well now, that’s a lot better! Slimmer and fitter, still a few pounds to drop but really good looking again. What’s more, SF Live is looking slick, the backdrop is on-point and Kai’s attire the smart/casual required. And as this fishwife lives to ingratiate his way into your life for clicks and views, let’s help him out so please go over to the YouTube via this link and watch at least the first minute or so of this paid pump of DEF.v, because with only 165 views so far he needs all the help he can get to extract fees from worthless explorecos and pump them to Twitter Morons. Hey, Kai, now you’re Collin Kettell’s newest whore, there’s no repeat business for Soar Financial if you can’t move the market. Eyeballs, Kai! Get those eyeballs!


    Why isnt Kai your buddy anymore … ?


    What is the story around Kai and Kettell?


    What is the story behind Kai and Kettell?


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