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Good news about Peter Grandich

The good news is that he’s perfectly aware there’s at least one place on the interwebnetpipes that isn’t taken in by his bible-bashing, holier-than-thou shepherding bullshit and self-serving parasitical habits around junior miners….and what’s more, he seems to have a bug up his tush about the site as well. Your author thanks reader ‘R’ for the headsup and excerpts from the March 9th Grandich letter:

“I have stated most recently that the few individuals who use the Internet to make unsubstantiated claims about me never once have said such in any public forum or to my knowledge to any proper authority. I never engage them and from time to time remind supporters it’s a waste of time to do so because they will never come out into the light of day. Even a third-rate (and that’s a far higher rating than he truly deserves) newsletter writer/blogger (who can’t even pay a few bucks to have his own site but blogs on Google) attacks me and many others from the comfort of thousands of miles away in South America. Like the others, his accusations and rants are not just vulgar, but are obviously done with a skirt on. To engage these poor souls would only play into their world and my maker said I was to be in the world but not of it (Praise God!).”

Yup, amen to that, bro. Just that you’re aware of this blog’s existence makes my day, Grandich. By the way Petey, just a little point but here we go with reasons for me sticking to a blogspot URL
  1. Only dumbasses care
  2. Google blogger is a very good service and there’s no need for a dose of social cachet to be dolloped on the world by having a trendy addresss….unless you’re a dumbass of course (see point 1)
  3. Because it’s inside the Googlypeople’s world it can’t be hacked, a little matter that annoys the people who have gotten rich on the backs of others and are now afraid of seeing truth spilled out about their two-faced worlds. Know anyone like that?
Your ridiculing of a Google Blogger URL says much more about you than it does about me, dude. It also sounds like you think there’s something second-grade about South America, so would you like to expand on that point please? For the record, I live here out of choice and not necessity as it’s far more pleasant than the screwed-up Northern Hemisphere….for one thing, people are genuine and don’t just fake friendship with strangers.

PS: How do you know I’m a third-rate newsletter writer, Pete? You’re not on the subscription list, so has somebody been bunging you my original ideas so that you can rip them off?

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