Take physic, pomp

Good stuff from Mickey Fulp

Mickey Fulp’s latest Mercenary Musing is now available on Kitco. Here’s the link, so if you haven’t seen it yet go now. I have seen it already because I’m a member of his free subscription service. Those on the list get to read his musings on Friday evenings and not Monday mornings.

Anyway, it’s more good stuff from Fulp (and he’s kind enough to link over to IKN…thanks man). My only argument about his excellent article (written to help the smart layperson investor in the world of junior mining) is with his call on polymetallic deposits. In fact I swapped a couple of mails with the Fulp man on the subject Saturday…kinda number-cruncher’s view versus rock-cruncher’s view. It’s always an education for me to see how a highly experienced economic geologist sees things, whether we agree to disagree or not. Friendly dude, too.

So go read his stuff. Well worth the effort and refreshing change from the normal permabull to da moon alice goldbug dross on kitco.

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